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Web App Beta Open to ALL Customers, for Free!

News & Updates Web 3 months ago



ALL active customers of Analyzer.Tools will now have access to our brand new WEB based application for FREE during its beta period!

As many of you know, we have been developing a browser based version of Analyzer.Tools for over a year to provide a web based version that is accessible from any Operating System (YAY for Mac users!). We have beta tested this app with ~50 of our customers for the past 3 months. While the application is still classified as beta, it is in a mature enough state that we are expanding the beta access to all customers at no cost for a limited time.

Advantages to a Web Based Application

  • Accessible through any major browser using any major Operating System,
  • All processing is done securely in the cloud on Amazon’s EC2 servers instead of your computer. This means less resources used on your computer. You can queue multiple files and walk away or continue working,
  • Access your results from any computer with an internet connection,
  • No software to install,
  • New features,
  • Etc!

Important Information

  • There are possibly minor bugs, this is why we run a beta. The goal is to identify and fix the bugs & your feedback is key here, email all feedback to
  • Main functionality is solid and the data is accurate,
  • We are updating the app’s code daily to fix issues and add features,
  • Active Analyzer.Tools license is required to retain access to web app.

How to Get Started

Visit this article for instructions!

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LinLin ma Amazon Seller

LinLin ma

Hi, i’ve signed up on the 14th, till today didn’t receive the link for dashboard setup. Sent multiple messages & email to follow up, still no response. Please advise what’s going on?


Alex Amazon Seller



Thanks for reaching out! Can you please check your spam folder? You received an email upon purchase with instructions. We have also responded multiple times to your emails to customer service so I am thinking our correspondence is getting routed to your spam folder. Please see the link below regarding the web application, instructions for setup can be found at the link at the bottom of this page:


LinLin Ma Amazon Seller

LinLin Ma

Wow thanks Alex! Yes you are right, now I saw couple of your replies in my junk folder…sorry for missing that out. Thanks again.


Alex Amazon Seller


No sweat, happy to help!


Donald Tucker Amazon Seller

Donald Tucker

When I bring up my results page there is no data in my (is sold by Amazon ) just a blue (I) when I hover over it I get a message
filter list to a shortlist select row (s) and click show reviews & Amazon data button in order to see this data
Same problem with Nun Reviews & Ratings
I don’t understand the message
I tried going into the filter and unchecking is sold by Amazon but that deletes the page



Steven Sandoval Amazon Seller

Steven Sandoval

I would like to use the Web App version. How do I access it?


bernard pelletier Amazon Seller

bernard pelletier

Why is there no easy access to get to the beta from your website?


Alex Amazon Seller