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Bulk Fee Calculations

Process a supplier lists of hundreds or thousands of products to identify the handful of profitable products that actually sell, in minutes! Analyzer.tools processes large wholesale product lists to calculate Amazon fees, profit, ROI and up to 58 critical data points, quickly and accurately. FBA and MFN fulfillment, Inbound Shipping, VAT, Prep Fee and Multi-Pack supported.


Estimated Sales

Our proprietary algorithm delivers product level Estimated Sales data to help identify products that are selling on Amazon. See how many products are estimated to be sold on a listing prior to making a sourcing decision from your supplier!


Amazon Seller & Reviews

See critical data such as whether Amazon.com is a competing seller on a listing and the number/average review rating on each product.


Highly Customizable

State of the art data grid includes robust filtering, sorting and automation technology allowing full customized profit and sales analysis in ONE CLICK. Want to geek out and create your own custom views, and advanced filters? No problem!


Robust Filtering/Sorting

Cutting edge grid displays results in an easy to read format with simple drag and drop functionality allowing users to easily add, remove and manipulate data columns to suit your custom needs. Extremely powerful data filtering and conditional formatting technology takes an Amazon wholesale list with tens of thousands of products and filters it down to the handful of profitable products in minutes. Custom saved Gridviews allow you to set your views, filters and conditional formatting one time and switch views with one click saving hours of time and hassle, no more data manipulation in Excel required!


Reliable Amazon API Data

All fee data, including FBA fee calculator, is sourced directly from Amazon which ensures accurate data, every time. Updated real time as fees change, no more second guessing your results!


Archived Lists

All results are saved automatically and are accessible anytime within the program. Want to review old lists? No problem, simply open the list from the program and refresh the data to see up to date information!

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Web App Only Web and Windows


Browser Based

Analyzer.tools web application is a secure browser-based application which does not require download/install on your computer. The app is accessible from any computer and any major operating system including Windows, MacOS Chrome OS and more. Hosted on blazing fast Amazon AWS servers to ensure the best performance possible while using minimal system resources and bandwidth from your computer!


Favorite Lists

Create custom favorites lists containing products from your wholesale lists. Favorites lists can be used to track products of interest, current and past Amazon inventory and more. Refresh feature allows periodic refresh of favorite lists to always see up to date Amazon data on your favorited products without re-processing lists.

Unlimited Amazon

Unlimited Amazon Seller Data

Amazon does not play by the rules when competing against you on a listing. See whether Amazon is a competing seller when making your sourcing decisions.

Reviews unlimited

Unlimited Reviews & Rating Data

Allows bulk analysis of Amazon Reviews & Ratings data including the number of reviews and average review star rating for each listing.

Historical Data

Historical Data

See 30, 60, 90, 180 & 365 day historical data for a listings Sales Rank, Sell Price, Amazon competing seller information and more.

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How it Works

Price Sheet

Get Price Sheet

Reach out to wholesale suppliers and request review of their product price sheet in Excel format.



Upload the price list to Analyzer.tools, select your options and watch as the app starts to deliver results.



Analyzer.tools will process the file and deliver up to 58 critical data points for each product for you to make the best sourcing decision.



State of the art data grid includes robust filtering, sorting and automation technology allowing full customized profit and sales analysis in ONE CLICK.


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No Commitments

One time payment with no subscription


Sign up for a 2 or 5 day pass only when you need it

Unlimited Use

Process up to thousands of products at a time


24 hr response time via email

Free Updates

Automatic software updates as released

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Hassle Free

Subscription, sign up once and go!

Month to Month

Subscription can be canceled any time, on-line

Unlimited Use

Process up to thousands of products at a time


24 hr response time via email

Free Updates

Automatic software updates as released

Full Use

This is not a trial & there are no extra fees


Beau Crabill, Amazon Coach & Top Seller


Analyzer.Tools is, hands down, the best analyzing tool in the market. I coach thousands of students, and since I coach students I have an obligation to make sure that my students are using THE BEST tools currently on the market. Analyzer.Tools is fastest, has the best customer support, works the best, has the best features and is less than half the price of closest competitor. I use it every single day, it’s a no brainer. WATCH VIDEO Review here

Yecheskel Hersh, Global Reliable Products


Just wanted to thank you for the excellent program. I noticed in the many helpful videos that you created how you value and respond to everyone's questions and feedback. I'm sure that if you keep this up your software will be recognized as the best out there. Keep it up.

James Alley, Signal Mountain Books


I appreciate your tool. It is very effective and easy to use. Thanks for the great tool!

Nirzhar Kar, Amazon Seller


It’s an excellent program, especially when compared to overpriced alternatives. THANK YOU!

William Shin, Amazon Seller


The program is wonderful, I really appreciate the work that you put into the program

Trading Depot Inc., Amazon Seller


We currently have use Analyzer.Tools and are extremely happy with it.

Bryanna G., Amazon Seller


A potential supplier of mine just sent me a spreadsheet of nearly 20,000 items! ? Thank God for Analyzer.Tools! They have been absolutely awesome with communicating with me so far!

Heidi B., Amazon Seller


Analyzer.Tools is absolutely worth it. You get a spreadsheet from your supplier and load it in… it goes through hundreds or thousands of products for you. Saves a huge amount of time. Also you can use the browse function and pull in a products directly off amazon to reverse source. I love it.

Adrien Tucker, Amazon Seller


Just got this tool and am loving it! It is really powerful and you can filter the data all sorts of ways. Highly recommended.

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