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The Free Analyzer.Tools Amazon ASIN to UPC lookup and conversion tool provides the data you need to better understand any product, whether yours or your competitors. Whether converting from ASIN to UPC or ASIN to EAN, this conversion tool can help you identify your your products easily.

Identifying a product often starts with its UPC or EAN. Converting these identifiers from ASIN to UPC/EAN allows you to get deeper insights beyond the Amazon product listing. This can help you start the product-sourcing journey more effectively in order to grow your business.

Why you Should Pick this Amazon ASIN to UPC / EAN Converter

Convert Between 3 Product Codes

Need to convert ASIN to UPC? How about ASIN to EAN? Using the Analyzer.Tools free app, you can convert between these codes easily.

Access to a Massive Product Database

Analyzer.Tools uses a massive product database. Use this data to your advantage to be confident that you'll find the correct EAN, ASIN and UPC.

Bulk Convert a Catalog of Products

Need to convert thousands of product IDs? No problem! The paid version of Analyzer.Tools delivers bulk processing which lets you handle an entire catalog of products with a few clicks.

Why Do You Need a Product Identifier (UPC, ASIN, EAN)?

The five-trillion-dollar global e-commerce industry ships an uncountable amount of packages each day. Each of those packages contains products with unique product identifiers. These identifiers hold vital information about a product, making them easier to track as they move between different markets.

If you're a business owner, Amazon seller, or e-commerce specialist, these codes are used to easily gather information. You can take these codes, enter them into product databases, discover important data, and get more details from conversion tools.

So, if you look up an ASIN to EAN converter online, you can access information from both codes. Information from UPCs, ASINs, and EANs can be incredibly helpful when deciding on your e-commerce strategy.

These Product Codes Come in Many Forms.

But three of the most popular are UPCs, ASINs, and EANs. If you're considering an Amazon ASIN to EAN converter, it helps to know where these codes are used.


What are ASINs?

ASIN stands for "Amazon Standard Identification Number." It's a ten-digit combination of letters and numbers exclusively used to identify products on Amazon.

As the largest e-commerce store on the planet, Amazon ships more packages than many countries. Because of this, Amazon needs an easy way to track those items without relying on third-party codes.

Despite having internal tracking systems, All Amazon products must have an external product code, like a UPC or EAN. But unless the product is sold on Amazon, it won't have an ASIN.

Note: ASINs and ISBNs are the same for books sold on Amazon.


What are UPCs?

UPC stands for Universal Product Code. Like the ASIN, it is a product identifier, but this 12-digit code is used predominately in North America (the US and Canada).

A UPC is also an existing form of the GTIN (Global Trade Item Number). GTINs include a wide group of product identification codes and barcodes. These include location-centric identification (Like JAN, or Japanese Article Number) alongside a way to identify items at different packaging levels (UCC-14, IFT-14).

Not all UPCs can convert to ASINs because not all North American products are found on Amazon. If you convert from ASIN to UPC, you'll find these codes if the products have a code in North America.
This doesn't mean an EAN code is only in other locations. You might find a product has all three codes. This is why having an ASIN to EAN and UPC conversion tool is important.

Getting a UPC costs money. So, if you want to go from UPC to ASIN, free options can save you a lot of money. Analyzer.Tools offers its conversion software for no cost to benefit sellers already overburdened by the costs of running their own businesses.


What are EANs?

An EAN, or International Article Number, is a 13-digit code identifying products originating from most other global locations (outside North America). The "E" is there because it was once known as a European Article Number.

If you need an ASIN to EAN conversion, you'll more likely reside in countries outside the US. EANs are another type of GTIN, enabling them to fit the global standards for identification.

Both UPCs and EANs are unique because they have barcodes that differ in length. ASINs do not have barcodes, which is another differentiating factor.

So, for example, when shipping in the US and converting from ASIN to UPC, Amazon will still have a UPC barcode. EANs work in the same way, which is why having an ASIN to EAN and UPC conversion tool is useful.

And, of course, like any good ASIN to EAN converter, free is the price you pay when you use' conversion system.

How do you Convert ASIN to UPC using this Tool?

If you want to convert from ASIN to EAN or any of the three product codes, it's as simple as following these instructions:

Locate a product's UPC, EAN, or ASIN code. UPC and EAN codes are found on the product packaging. ASIN codes can be found on

Take the code you find and enter it into our ASIN to UPC converter (free tool found here). The tool works for all three product identifiers.

Take a look at the exported code. It's that easy.

When converting ASIN to EAN, free visitors can convert one at a time without problems. For bulk processing, you'll need to use the paid version with our tool, which comes with additional data reporting features.

Convert ASIN to UPC/EAN in Bulk and see deeper insights

Convert unlimited files in bulk with our Multi-Product Analysis solution, and increase your productivity by 90%.

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Import your UPCs or ASINs along with any other custom data. Simple CSV importer allows you to preview your file and select the columns you want to import.


Our system searches for the products that match your uploaded ASINs or UPCs and returns as much data as possible including identifiers (ASIN, UPC, MPN, SKU, EAN, ISBN), pricing (buy box, shipping, lowest pricing for FBA and Merchant, list pricing), sales rank, and other product listing data.


Manage data with a user friendly interface designed to filter the data you want to view, compare, and export. Automatically have your products pricing and sales rank refreshed continuously throughout the day.


Import your UPCs or ASINs along with any other custom data. Simple CSV importer allows you to preview your file and select the columns you want to import.

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What Information Comes with ASINs, UPCs, and EANs?

A product's ASIN, UPC, or EAN share common ways to identify products. Typically, you will always get these simple pieces of information:

Brand Name

Product Name

Product Details

When converting ASIN to EAN, free visitors can convert one at a time without problems. For bulk processing, you'll need to use the paid version with our tool, which comes with additional data reporting features.

UPC Information Based on Format
019238 XXXXX  X The first six numbers will tell you about the manufacturer.
XXXXXX 48781 X Five numbers will tell you about the product.
XXXXXX   XXXXX 7 The last number is a check digit (making sure the code is legitimate).
EAN Information Based on Format
24 XXXXX   XXXXX   X The first two numbers are the country code.
XX 36670 XXXXX   X Five numbers after telling you about the manufacturer.
XX   XXXXX  09354 X The next five numbers tell you about the product.
XX   XXXXX   XXXXX 3 It ends with a check digit.
ASIN Information Based on Format

ASINs provide ample information, but that information isn't based on the code's structure. This is one reason why having an ASIN to EAN or UPC converter is important.

How can Amazon Sellers and E-Commerce Business Owners use Data from UPCs, EANs, and ASINs?

When going from ASIN to EAN, sellers can analyze location-based product information. If you go from ASIN to UPC, that information contains much of the same information but gathers it from a different location.

Having different codes can also help you here:

Inventory Management

Linking these codes to their inventory management systems, sellers can easily monitor stock levels, reorder products promptly, and prevent stockouts or overstocks.

Product Listing and Optimization

By analyzing the ASINs of their competitors' products, sellers can gain insights into how well different products perform.

Market Research

Sales data from these codes can help you spot product opportunities and adjust your inventory or sourcing strategies accordingly.

Price Monitoring and Comparison

Sellers can compare prices of similar products to make competitive pricing decisions and adjust their pricing strategies based on market demand and competition.

Fraud Prevention

By comparing the codes on the products they source with the official codes, sellers can ensure they are not unknowingly selling counterfeit or unauthorized items.

Besides optimization data, much of the market research and fraud prevention potential is limited to UPCs and EANs. So, having an ASIN to EAN converter gives you more data than having access to a single code.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you're a seller or a developer looking to integrate or compare products across various platforms outside of Amazon, having the UPC can be crucial. It allows for better product matching and more accurate analysis.
Analyzer.Tools prides itself on its accurate and up-to-date database, ensuring that conversions from ASIN to UPC are precise.
There is no limit to the number of ASINs you can convert for free. However, converting barcode numbers one at a time can be time-consuming and cumbersome. To overcome this limitation, you can convert your entire catalog using the Analyzer.Tools paid version.
Yes, the platform supports both ASIN to UPC and UPC to ASIN conversions, aiding in complete flexibility for users.
Analyzer.Tools has a rigorous data validation process to ensure accuracy. However, if in doubt, you can always cross-reference the UPC with other databases or directly with product manufacturers.
Absolutely. Analyzer.Tools prioritizes user data security and ensures that all conversions are processed securely with stringent data protection measures.
Yes, Analyzer.Tools offers solutions for Amazon sellers, including bulk product analytics, sourcing, and more.
If you face any issues, reach out to the Analyzer.Tools support team through the contact page. We're committed to providing a seamless user experience and will help resolve your concerns promptly.