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AMZ Analyzer re-branding to

News & Updates Web 2 years ago

12.23.18 has requested that all third party Amazon applications that use “AMZ” in the application name re-brand to avoid “customer confusion” about Amazon’s trademarks. While we have been very cautious to avoid confusion by NOT using Amazon registered trademarks, logos and colors (unlike some other applications), this request is not something we can challenge. Amazon does not hold a trademark, as far as we can tell, on “AMZ”, but we understand that Amazon makes the rules and we have to play by them!

To that end, we are re-branding “AMZ Analyzer” to “”.

This will not impact the software or its functionality in any way but you may notice the re-branding in our next software update, website and social media accounts very soon.

We hope. by publishing this article, we avoid customer confusion about the name change. We are also hoping this serves as advanced warning to other third party Amazon application developers that Amazon is reportedly making the same request to many other applications.

Feel free to share/re-post this article.

If you have any questions, we can be reached at

Regards, team

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BAE MYUNG HYI Amazon Seller


I have an inquiry about the AMZ analyzer. I am trying to send a capture screen because it is difficult to explain in writing. How can I attach a file?
Or you can give us a separate email address to attach the file to the email address …


Alex Amazon Seller


Hi, you can reach us at Support@Analyzer.Tools