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BPO Opportunities

Getting Started Getting Started Web 1 year ago

*June 2022 update added additional features to BPO which are not covered in the video.

June 2022 Update notes:

  • New user interface for the BPO configuration screen,
  • Added De-personalization as an option as well as Category selection,
  • Added functionality to manage currently scheduled reports and schedules.

What are Business Product Opportunity (BPO) reports?

Personalized or De-personalized (updated June 2022) Amazon recommendations to sellers for B2B products that are either:

  • Lacking enough sellers to meet demand, which means you can sell on the existing product listing, OR
  • Products that have demand but are not sold on Amazon yet! This means you can source the product and create a new product listing!

Personalized reports show results based on your selling history. De-personalized reports ignore your selling history and may produce new BPO opportunities

Data is delivered DIRECTLY from Amazon to answer the question: “What products should I list on Amazon that will increase my B2B Sales?

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What type of BPO reports are available?

  • Products Already Sold on Amazon

Products that are already sold on Amazon where Amazon sees more demand than supply. In other words, these products need more sellers!

  • Products Not Currently Sold on Amazon

Products that are not sold on Amazon yet, but Amazon Business customers have indicated they would like to see them sold. Ka-Ching!

How often should I scan BPO reports?

Reports data is refreshed by Amazon every week with up to 1,000 results per report. You can select the “Schedule Weekly Processing” option for the app to scan new BPO reports for you automatically when new data is available.

What new data is available with BPO Reports?

BPO reports have certain data columns which are new and unique to BPO Reports. Below is a chart showing the new data columns.

ColumnProducts Already Sold on AmazonProducts Not Currently Sold on AmazonDescription
B2B Sales RankSales Rank as it relates only to Amazon Business purchases
B2B Sales Rank GrowthGrowth in B2B Sales Rank expressed as HIGH, MEDIUM, LOW
Brand You OfferIndicates if product is a Brand you are already offering for sale on Amazon
Category You OfferIndicates if product is in a Category where you’re offering products for sale on Amazon
Lowest Price In Last WeekLowest Sell Price for product in the last week
Page ViewsVolume of product Page Views expressed as HIGH, MEDIUM, LOW
Product PerformanceProduct Performance expressed as HIGH, MEDIUM, LOW
Sub CategoryProduct Sub Category
CategoryProduct Category
EANEAN, if available
ISBNISBN, if available
UPCUPC, if available
Buyer IndustryThe industry the Buyer is in that made a product request to Amazon
Date Buyer RequestedDate when the Buyer made a product request to Amazon

Where can I learn more about Amazon Business?

Visit the Amazon Business webpage: 


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