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Web App Update- Column Chooser Drag and Drop, Color Column + More

News & Updates News & Updates Web 9 months ago


Happy new year analyzers! We just launched a new web app update with lots of fixes and new features including Column Chooser Drag & Drop and new Color column! Check out the video demo and full list of changes below!

NEW- Column Chooser Drag & Drop Functionality,
NEW- Color column now available in Column Chooser,
NEW- Consolidate 3 Package Dimensions columns into one column with L x W x H,
NEW- App alerts now link to source when clicked (post-update alerts only). New update alert type for article with pop-out modal for new releases,
FIXED- Process button not working in certain situations due to missing Default Marketplace selection for non-US marketplaces,
FIXED- Storage Fee updates for CA, UK and SE,
FIXED- Oversized Fee updates for UK, DE, FR, IT, SE, NE, PL,
FIXED- ASINs starting with 0 fee calculation issue,
FIXED- Fulfillment Subtotal not showing in native currency in certain situations,
FIXED- When Fulfillment is MFN, value in Fulfillment Subtotal cell is now shown as 0,
FIXED- Profit & Margin .01 cent rounding difference,
FIXED- BPO standard gridviews missing since last release,
FIXED- Product Details not loading if Package Quantity = null,
FIXED- Favorites modal re-appears after adding product to Favorites,
FIXED- Column Chooser now shows only relevant columns based on search type,
FIXED- Scientific Excel formatted files processing bug,
FIXED- Package Weight sorting issue.

Hope you enjoy the update!  Please be sure to visit, subscribe and share our Facebook, YouTube & new Twitter page to be the first to get the latest updates on program developments and new features!

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