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Analyzer.Tools allows you to analyze bulk product spreadsheets that you may receive from a wholesale supplier or distributor. Simply upload the Excel product catalogue into the app to deliver 60+ critical data point per product for analysis. This analysis allows you to quickly determine which product has unmet demand on Amazon and where you can make a profit / ROI after considering all Amazon fees and expenses. 

In order to begin, you will need an Excel product catalogue that meets the  requirements as explained in the sections below.

Spreadsheet Formatting Requirements

Analyzer.Tools accepts spreadsheets in Excel format (including .xls, .xlsx and .csv extensions). The following are requirements for spreadsheets to be processed correctly:

  • Header row is required to be in the first row of the spreadsheet,
  • For spreadsheets with multiple tabs, the data tab needs to be in the first position.
  • Avoid special characters in Product ID column. The app can recognize and auto-correct for most common characters (i.e.: space, comma, dash and underscore) but unrecognized special characters may cause an issue. It’s generally recommended to have clean UPC/EAN/ISBN/ASIN IDs,
  • All product IDs need to be in one column with Purchase Price for each ID (optional) in separate column,
  • Each input file should only contain one type of Product ID in the same column with the exception of UPCs and EANs which CAN be mixed. Mixing other IDs such as UPC and ASIN in same column is not recommended for accurate results.

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