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Web App Update- Small & Light Support + Auto S&L Profit Calculations

News & Updates News & Updates Web 8 months ago

Analyzer.Tools adds Small & Light Support for Amazon FBA Sellers

*UPDATE* – Amazon Small and Light is Discontinued and Changing to Low-Price FBA: What You Need to Know

Analyzer.Tools adds Amazon Small & Light support including automatic S&L Profit calculation, check out the video to see how it works!

The Amazon Small and Light program reduces FBA fees for products which meet a certain criteria, read more. This discount allows Amazon FBA sellers to offer small & light products at an affordable price to customers using the FBA fulfillment method.  In simple terms, offering low cost & lightweight products can finally be profitable using FBA!

  • Introduction (00:00)
  • What is Small & Light (00:12)
  • How it works in the app (0:48)
  • S&L Profit impact example (02:27)
  • Conclusion (03:46)

Amazon Small & Light Criteria

Analyzer.Tools takes care of the hard work and let’s you know if a product is eligible automatically!

In order to be eligible for Amazon’s Small & Light program in the US, products need to meet the criteria below (other regions will vary).

✔ Measure 18 length x 14 width x 8 height or less in inches

✔ Shipping Weight should be 3 lb. or less

✔ Priced $12 or less

✔ The product types below are not eligible

  • Restricted products
  • FBA prohibited products
  • Adult products
  • Dangerous goods identification guide (hazmat)
  • Temperature-sensitive products (such as chocolates).

Amazon S&L Availability by Country

The S&L program is supported in all North American & EU + UK Amazon marketplaces with the exception of-



It’s not clear why Amazon has chosen not to support Canada and Mexico with the Small & Light program.  However, we will monitor Amazon for changes and add support if and when Amazon allows it.

Enrolling ASINs into FBA Small & Light

Seller needs to apply eligible ASINs for the Small & Light Program in order to obtain the FBA fee discount. See Amazon’s full step by step Enrollment Guide.

👉 Log in to Seller Central

👉 Access the Small & Light program Enrollment Page

👉 Download & update the enrollment template

  • Copy and paste MSKUs into the yellow Upload tab, starting in cell A4 (paste as Text).
    Remove extra spaces before and after your MSKUs to prevent upload errors.
  • Ensure cell B1 accurately reflects the appropriate marketplace.

👉 Save and Upload Your MSKUs Into Seller Central

  • Save the Upload tab as a Text (tab delimited) file.
  • Click the Browse button on the enrollment page and select your newly created Text (tab delimited) file.
  • Click the Upload Now button.

👉 Review Upload Status for any errors

👉 Ship Your Items to IVSA

  • Create inbound shipments for MSKUs that were successfully enrolled into the Small
    and Light Program.

Thank you for choosing as your go-to tool for Amazon product research and analysis and stay tuned for more updates soon 😎.

Hope you enjoy the update!  Please be sure to visit, subscribe and share our Facebook, YouTube & Twitter page to be the first to get the latest updates on program developments and new features!

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