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Windows Update- Keepa Chart fix, Parent ASIN, various bugs

News & Updates News & Updates Windows 2 years ago


Dear Analyzers,

New software update patch is being released, full update list below!

Update List:

  • NEW: Parent ASIN column now available,
  • NEW: File name of the file displayed will now be shown in bottom right of Results tab,
  • FIX: Keepa chart is working again,
  • FIX: Seller Search & Browser Search bugs fixed,
  • FIX: Refresh feature will now refresh Sales Rank as well as offer data, previously Sales Rank was not included
  • FIX: Cleaned up and fixed certain non-working Gridview columns, Color & Size among others now work again,
  • FIX: Now possible to add Sell Price directly to grid for product with no offer data to generate FBA Fees, Profit & ROI scenarios,
  • FIX: Measures to ensure correct MWS authentication methods are used.

Hope you guys enjoy the update!  Please be sure to visit, subscribe and share our Facebook new Twitter page to be the first to get the latest updates on program developments and new features!

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Michael Turrentine Amazon Seller

Michael Turrentine

Why did my License Key expire, and how do I obtain a new one?


Alex Amazon Seller


Hi Michael,

This usually means there was an issue with your payment but we would be happy to look into it for you. I couldn’t find your account in our system so you may have registered under a company name? Please contact me at and we will take care of ya!