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Dealing with Multi-Packs

Tips & Tutorials Tips & Tutorials Web 9 months ago

The Basics

Have you ever come across a listing that was selling multiple units of a product in the same listing as a pack? That’s a multi-pack! It is very common on Amazon for sellers to take a product and create a new listing for it as a multi-pack in order to stand out from the main listing. Here are some examples of multi-pack listing results:


The Problem

In order to analyze your Profit/ROI for a multi-pack listing, you have to assume a higher Purchase Price in order to see an accurate profit/ROI. For example, if Purchase Price for a product from your supplier is $5 per unit, the product needs to be analyzed at a $20 Purchase Price for a 4-pack multi-pack listing. If this adjustment is not made, the profit/ROI will look astronomically high (incorrectly)!

The Solution

Analyzer.Tools pulls the Package Quantity meta data from every listing which tells the program how many “packs” a listing is selling. By enabling the “Number of Packs * Cost” feature in the Results tab, the program will multiply Number of Packs * Purchase Price for each multi-pack listing to correct the Purchase Price and account for the higher cost of goods. This will deliver an accurate profit/ROI result for multi-pack listings*!

Limitations & Workaround

While this solution will address most multi-packs correctly, it is not a perfect solution and unfortunately no perfect solution currently exists. The program relies on to have correct meta data for the Package Quantity field. If the Amazon listing has bad data, which happens more often than we like,  the program will not recognize the listing as a multi-pack.  This is unfortunately a limitation of Amazon that has no perfect solution at this time. One way around this is to edit the Package Quantity field in the program when you notice there is a discrepancy with a multi-pack’s Package Quantity field. Ie: If Package Quantity is displayed incorrectly as “1” but it’s actually a 3-pack, you can click on the Package Quantity cell in the program and type “3” to replace the “1” value. It will then auto-recalculate profit/ROI on the fly to assume purchase of 3 products necessary to sell on that multi-pack listing.



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