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Export/Import API Credential Keys

Tips & Tutorials Tips & Tutorials Web 2 years ago

Analyzer.Tools software and web application contain a feature to export & import an encrypted and password protected file containing your Amazon API authorization keys (SellerID & MWS Auth Token).

What is this feature used for?

  1. Virtual Assistant: If you employ a virtual assistant, you may need to provide your API keys to the assistant to setup their program access to process lists on your behalf. The export feature allows you to send them a protected file they can import into the program without revealing your MWS Auth Token to the assistant,
  2. Transfer Keys between Windows & Web App: If you are using the Windows application and would like to start using the web application (or visa versa), it can be convenient to export your keys from one and import into the other for convenience,
  3. Backup Keys: If you would like to backup your keys securely, you can do so by exporting your keys and importing them later if needed.


  1. Navigate to your API Credentials screen in Settings and click “Export”,
  2. You will be prompted to enter a password, create and enter a unique password to encrypt the file. This password will be required to import the credentials later,
  3. When importing, simply navigate to the same screen and click “Import”, enter your password from step 2 and your credentials will be imported!

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