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API Authentication Issues

Troubleshooting & FAQ Troubleshooting & FAQ Web 1 year ago

To ensure accuracy, Analyzer.Tools obtains product data directly from Amazon using the Amazon Seller Partner API (SP-API).

Amazon requires sellers to successfully authenticate their Amazon seller account in order to access this data for the first time. 

👉 How to Authenticate the Web app

👉 How to Authenticate the Windows app

Unsuccessful authentication can have a limited number of reasons, which are listed below:

  • The Amazon seller account used is not a “professional” Amazon seller account. A professional seller account is required,
  • The professional Amazon seller account is NEW and has been recently approved.  In this situation it may take Amazon a few extra days to enable AP-API access, try again in 24-48 hours,
  • The professional Amazon seller account is not in good standing or pending Amazon verification.
  • Internet connection or Amazon API downtime issue (very rare).

If you have ruled out the issues above and are still experiencing authentication issues, please contact us to troubleshoot further.  

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