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Accessing Web Application

Getting Started Web 1 year ago
  1. Visit & login using the same login credentials that you registered with on If you do not remember your password, use the Forgot Password link,
  2. Once logged in,  add your API Credentials. You will not need to add a license (like the Windows software) as the Web App has this automatically through your login,
  3. Review articles in our new Getting Started section for the Web App,
  4. Watch this demo video to see how to process a list and use some of the features,
  5. Provide feedback by sending email to As part of your feedback, please include your browser type/version & screenshots of reported issues. The more information we get the better.

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Edward Guy Amazon Seller

Edward Guy

Where do i get a Mws Auth token ?


Alex Amazon Seller


Dennis Larkin Amazon Seller

Dennis Larkin

The NWS number even when I get through the whole process and get to country region page it is not excepting the number that was issued to me


Alex Amazon Seller


Hi Dennis, happy to help. Please take a screenshot of the full MWS error please and email it to us at There are different varieties of these and seeing the specific error will help us guide you properly.