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Understanding Filter Bar Options

Getting Started Getting Started Windows 9 months ago

Filter Bar Options

Updating Filter Bar options will result in LIVE changes to the results and can be adjusted on the fly!

filter bar

Gridviews: Gridviews are predefined column views that allow you to save your column choices, column order and filter options as a saved “Gridview”.  This feature is very powerful and can save a lot of time.

Show Reviews & Amazon Data: After processing results, filter them to a short list of potentially profitable products. Once a shortlist is developed, select some or all of the products rows and click this button to reveal data in the “Is Sold By Amazon”, “Num Reviews” & “Ratings” columns.

Refresh: Allows refresh of Amazon fee and seller data on selected products or entire list. This is helpful when loading previously processed results that need to be refreshed for most current data. You can see the last run date and time in the LastRun column.

Fulfillment by Amazon & Fulfillment by Merchant: Choose the method of fulfillment you wish to analyze and Analyzer.Tools will update Amazon fees, profit & ROI accordingly.

Inbound Shipping (Per lb): Select your assumed cost for Inbound Shipping per lb.  Inbound Shipping is your out of pocket non-reimbursed shipping cost to receive product from supplier and deliver to customer and/or FBA warehouse . The program will automatically calculate shipping costs based on the $ entered which is multiplied by the Package Weight provided by the product listing. ie: If the Inbound Shipping per lb. is set to $1.00 and the Package Weight of a product is 3.00 lb., the program will calculate $3.00 for Inbound Shipping.  Inbound Shipping is automatically calculated as a cost against your Profit and ROI results.

Prep Fee Per Item: Costs associated with prep (packaging cost, etc.) can be accounted for by using this field. The prep costs are treated as an expense and will impact the Profit/ROI calculations accordingly.

Tax % On Sourcing: If paying taxes on sourced goods, tax % can be accounted for by using this field. The taxes are treated as an expense and will impact the Profit/ROI calculations accordingly.

VAT: Apply Value Added Tax (VAT) to your analysis if you are in a VAT region.

Calculate Multi-Packs: Enabling this checkbox will multiply the Package Quantity * Purchase Price in order to properly account for increased purchase cost of selling a multi-pack product. Read more about Multi-Packs here.

Folder Action Button: Click this button to:

a) Save: Save your on-screen results to a *.AMZ file which can be reloaded into Analyzer.Tools.  Will not include products and columns that have been filtered out or removed,

b) Load: Load a previously saved *.AMZ file into Analyzer.Tools Results tab,

c) Export to Excel: Export your on-screen results to an Excel spreadsheet. The export will not include products and columns that have been filtered out or removed.

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