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AMZ Analyzer Update- Estimated Sales, VAT and TONS more!

News & Updates News & Updates Windows 4 years ago


AMZ Analyzers,

Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas (+ any others I missed)!!

Massive new update is being pushed to all customers within next ~48 hours which is adding some heavy weight new features and quality of life improvements. We continue to improve the software to remain THE premier bulk analysis and profit calculation software for professional Amazon sellers!

Check out our demo video highlighting these updates:

Update List:

  • NEW: Estimated Number of Sales (beta) is now live!
  • NEW: VAT tax calculations added,
  • NEW: Renamed certain data columns to be more self-explanatory and customer friendly: Cost to Estimate Fees: changed to “Sell Price”. Margin Impact: changed to “Seller Proceeds”. # of Sellers * Cost changed to “Calculate Multi-Packs”
  • NEW: Purchase Price Assumption now applies to Spreadsheet and Quick Check searches that don’t include Purchase Price, previously only applied to Browser and Competing Seller searches,
  • NEW: Filter Function user interface updated,
  • FIXED: Export/Import of credentials did not export/import all Marketplaces,
  • FIXED: Vertical scrolling in Results screen during a file process caused screen to reset to bottom every few seconds, effectively making analysis impossible until a file was complete,
  • FIXED: Browser Search overhauled and improved to scrape more pages. Browser updated to latest version,
  • FIXED: Storage Fee calculations updated in all Regions for new Amazon fees,
  • FIXED: Previously processed lists were not tied to Region and certain data changed based on Country selector in Dashboard screen. New lists are tied to their region,
  • FIXED: Refresh All feature in Results tab will refresh all visible results after application of filters,
  • FIXED: Input files without headers were not correctly recognized,
  • FIXED: Many issues in regions outside of the US were fixed,
  • FIXED: Various small bugs have been zapped and improvements made.

Hope you guys enjoy the update!  Please be sure to visit, subscribe and share our Facebook new Twitter page to be the first to get the latest updates on program developments and new features!

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