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New Software Update- Keepa Hover Charts, New Options, Anti-Sleep, & Lots of Bugs Zapped!

News & Updates News & Updates Windows 4 years ago


AMZ Analyzers,

New update is being pushed to all customers within next ~48 hours bringing exciting new features and smashing some known bugs to help you find profitable products to sell on

Check out our demo video highlighting these updates here!

Update List:

  • Added 90 day Keepa chart when hovering on Sales Rank,
  • Added new option to allow predefined number of multiple listing results,
  • Added anti-sleep prevents computer from going into sleep mode & disrupting a processing job while job is processing,
  • Added new option to allow predefined Purchase Price for Browser & Competing Seller Search,
  • Added Date & Time and # of Rows statistics for Previous Results file list,
  • Added Duplicates Discarded tracking to Processing Statistics screen to account for duplicate Product IDs that may be in the input spreadsheet,
  • Added Results will now sort by Product ID by default to group duplicate UPC/EAN listings together for easier analysis,
  • Fixed Competing Seller bug causing Competing Seller search to not function since last update,
  • Fixed, Pause button now pauses Time Lapsed counter,
  • Fixed, export to Excel for large files does not break with MS hyperlink limitation and uses a uniform color fill regardless of Theme selection,
  • Fixed, removed erroneous column A on Excel export,
  • Fixed, deselect all not working correctly after filtering,
  • Fixed, various unhandled exemption errors.

Hope you guys enjoy the update!  Please be sure to visit, subscribe and share our Facebook &  new Twitter page to be the first to get the latest updates on program developments and new features!




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