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Using Averages for Estimated Sales and Sell Price

Tips & Tutorials Tips & Tutorials Web 4 months ago

Using averages to calculate Estimated Sales and Sell Price is a game changer since it provides more accurate sales estimates and profit calculations which are adjusted for daily volatility. These setting options allow Estimated Sales to be calculated based on 30, 90 or 180 day Sales Rank averages. Similarly, Sell Price can be set based on the 30, 90 or 180 day average BuyBox. These are powerful features which deliver more accurate results by smoothing out daily fluctuations in Sales Rank and Sell Price.

  • Introduction to how it works (00:23)
  • Settings screen and detailed explanation (0:24)
  • Example of how it works (01:10)
  • Comparison of using averages vs live data (2:06)
  • Conclusion (05:30)

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